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In this time of growing environmental awareness, Anderson High School students have joined the Ohio Energy Project (OEP), to help the future generation understand the many ways energy is produced and used. These students have been educated by attending a Leadership Workshop. We have prepared a three hour "hands-on" workshop to present to elementary schools in this district. OEP's materials have been designed and tested to meet the needs of teachers and students, using the National Science Education Standards, as well as the Ohio Science Proficiency Outcomes. We are dedicated to this, and with your support and encouragement we hope to achieve our goals of energy awareness. We would appreciate the opportunity to present this workshop to thirty of your students. The workshops foster student leadership and emphasize the importance of creating a "kids teaching kids" atmosphere in the classroom. OEP student leaders will be contacting you in the next few days to arrange workshop dates to test together new cialis generique ed pills online. They can discuss the details of the activities and the itinerary. The workshop activities could take place during your classes or after school. Please contact me at Anderson High School, 232-3322, if you have any questions or concerns.

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Click here to view pictures from our Rock n' Rockets event held on November 1st.

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Academy of World Languages Workshop Museum Center Electroworks Station sponsored by Ohio Energy Project Felicity Middle School Video Conference Energy Decisions Workshop

Holly Matlock, and the rest of the team teaching at Maddux, a local elementary school. Here they are demonstrating the energy bike!

The broadcast team, after getting the first successful intnet broadcast off of the ground. From left to right:Mike Jurek, Steve McWhorter (barely visible), Will Hawkins, and David Zitt.

Currently the team is a member of both the Ohio Energy Project and the Kids Teaching Kids Program.